Sparking Lives Starts With Our Team

Star Tribune Honors Lifesprk With Top 100 Workplace Designation In Minnesota

What drives employee engagement – is it money, bonuses or growth? It may surprise you, but these don’t even make the top of the list.  A Dale Carnegie Training White Paper on What Drives Employee Engagement and Why It Matters points to three key drivers of employee engagement: relationship with immediate supervisor, belief in senior leadership and pride in working for the company. And more than increasing sales and profits, employee engagement relates right back to the people – the customers, who benefit most from engaged employees. In fact, Kevin Kruse a leadership and employee contributor for Forbes Magazine attributes employee engagement to the wonder drug for customer satisfaction.

So why does this information matter to you? Because Lifesprk is your partner in sparking the lives of people in the second half of life – specifically the lives of your senior care clients in the Twin Cities metro. If our employees are engaged and empowered, the benefit is not only for our clients but yours as well. When people’s lives are sparked, their health and well-being increase as they live life with more purpose and passion, and ultimately shine. Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder of Lifesprk points out “our team spirit for changing the experience for people in the second half of life, or what we call our purple passion, is what our team brings to our workplace every day.”

The good news – we are sparking lives, starting with our employees. Lifesprk was recently honored as a Top 100 Workplace for 2014 by the Star Tribune. In addition, the Star Tribune participates in a national benchmark that includes 22 Home Healthcare companies from across the United States – Lifesprk ranks far above many healthcare companies surveyed nationally, as well as making us a top 100 company in the Twin Cities metro. “To me, that’s a powerful affirmation that our employees are engaged and sparked because that energy is then passed onto our clients,” said Theisen.  “Sparking lives only happens when our employees’ lives are sparked first.”

In addition to honors like the Star Tribune, the bigger, more powerful proof lies in the voice of our employees. Here’s what they say:

     “My manager believes in me and believes I can do the job, which makes me also believe in myself.”

 “What I find most meaningful about working at Lifesprk is the shared sense of purpose, strong vision and the encouragement to improve the lives of others.”

     “We lead with the heart, and do right by the client and employee every time.”

     “They are willing to do whatever it takes to spark a life.”

     “They truly care about their employees and seek to make working here a valuable experience. I am so impressed by the approachability of senior managers – something I think is rare to find.”

Receiving the Top 100 Workplace designation in Minnesota is something we pride ourselves on. But it also should be something you can be proud of as well, because it means your senior care clients are receiving care from people who believe in the mission of sparking lives, and that makes everyone shine.

We want to know, what do you believe? How do you notice a difference when employees are engaged – are your senior care clients more passionate or inspired?