Life Care Management

Senior Care: The Difference A Lifesprk Life Care Manager Can Make

Health coaching is a major aspect of a Lifesprk Life Care Manager (LCM) role. Lifesprk LCMs provide an array of practical support and guidance that uniquely positions them in today’s world to help not only patients and their families, but also the professionals who are serving those people in the second half of life.

kari-schwartz-with-clientsLifesprk’s LCMs are registered nurses who become the trusted advisor who may initially help people recuperate from a health crisis but then also work with them proactively to keep them on the path toward their goals – whatever those goals are – addressing any issues that may arise before they become crises.

And the benefits are numerous for everyone involved.

Advantages for Professionals

  • Provides a professional ongoing contact who can work with you and other resources to ensure continuity and implementation of the client’s plan of care
  • Can integrate support from multiple providers, including Care Management, Care Transitions and Medical Home
  • Ensures compliance with medications, plan of care, and follow-up physician appointments
  • Serves as your professional ‘eyes and ears’ in the community to catch concerns early and enable a broader plan of care
  • Proactively identifies issues early to send clients to the clinic and other appropriate settings for preventive care rather than the Emergency Department
  • Reduces unnecessary phone calls and ensures appropriate use of physician and other services
  • Keeps you connected to the client at home in the community

Advantages for Family

  • Serves as a single contact creating centralized coordination, communication, planning and management for a loved one’s care
  • Advocates for clients and family with other resources
  • Provides ongoing caregiving oversight, training, coaching and competency
  • Accountable for service satisfaction with coordinated resources and caregiving services
  • Complements family caregiving providing as much or little support as needed to relieve family of natural stressors and worries that accompany caring for another
  • Becomes a professional resource available 24/7 for questions and concerns
  • Serves as a liaison for family, especially helpful for working family members or those at a distance

Advantages for Client

  • Works with them to discover their priorities using Lifesprk Experience to build an individualized Life Plan toward their personal goals to live a sparked life
  • Provides proactive guidance, breaking the roller coaster of crisis to keep client independent as possible and in control
  • Sets up, coordinates, and helps manage medications
  • Becomes their partner in identifying and addressing any issues that get in the way of their ability to live life on their terms
  • Helps develop and implement creative solutions to common issues such as social support, transportation, isolation, errands, meal preparation, and so on
  • Identifies ‘best fit’ options and reliable resources for client
  • Fosters an ongoing sense of wellbeing

For more information on the Life Care Manager role or to arrange Life Care Management services, call Lifesprk Navigation at 952-345-8770 or email us.

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