Senior Care: For Changing the Experience, Isolation is Fatal

It is an exciting time here at Lifesprk as we gear up to bring the Second Wind Tour to Minneapolis. The tour is looking to create a new conversation about opportunities later in life to catch our ‘Second Wind’ which ties closely to our efforts at Lifesprk to change the conversation about the second half of life.tour-bus

For more than 20 years, our leadership team at Lifesprk has been working to eliminate the roller coaster of health care crisis, and change the experience for people in the second half of life. As Joel Theisen, CEO & Founder of Lifesprk, says, “we’ve been frustrated by the narrow, reactive approach that has been the standard in what’s called aging services for decades. The focus needs to shift to the individual and what is most important to him or her, and helping him or her achieve ‘it.’

“We created the Lifesprk Experience™ model to address the common threads we saw contributing to the roller coaster for seniors. Our model provides a single trusted contact for ongoing proactive guidance in attaining any type of goal – the types of goals don’t matter and will be defined in myriad ways as dictated by each individual client.”

However, creating comprehensive change is not something that Lifesprk or any single company can do alone. “We know that isolation is fatal,” stresses Joel. “We need to create ‘systems of excellence’ – as Atul Gawande calls them – not more silos of excellence.” And requires like-minded people joining together to create that change.

To start that collective conversation, Lifesprk is sponsoring the Second Wind Tour, an invitation-only program, to bring it to Minneapolis on Friday, May 9 for its only performance in the upper mid-west. Other sponsors include AARP’s Life ReimaginedCapital Impact PartnersMerrill Lynch and more than three dozen sponsor organizations.

“This will be a once-in-a-lifetime event,” explains Joel. “People will remember where this conversation about catching our ‘second wind’ started . . .  and they will look back to this inspiring event developed by Dr. Bill Thomas, the founder and innovative thinker behind the Eden Alternative and the Greenhouse Project.”

Second Wind Tour

Friday, May 9

1 – 5 pm

Orchestra Hall

Minneapolis, MN

This is an opportunity for leaders and innovative thinkers from across the Twin Cities to be part of the conversation that will help shape and craft the change ahead – starting May 9 with this inspiring, thought-provoking event.


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