Senior Care: Dr. Bill Thomas Sparking the Conversation

Join the Conversation on May 9 in Minneapolis   Dr. Bill Thomas is a galvanizing leader. Throw his name into a crowd of health/senior care providers, and you are sure to get a reaction. What you won’t get is apathy. And that is by design.   Dr. Thomas wants to spark a conversation. 

At a Lifesprk Advisory Board meeting in Bloomington, MN last fall, he talked about the importance of taking a strong stand – one that provokes friction. You can’t create change without action. And all too often apathy – or the lack of action – blocks the way. A simple apathatic shrug of the shoulders can derail a change effort as furiously as a cataclysmic event. However, when there is friction, people tend to react, and within ‘reaction’ there is ‘action’ – and that’s what’s needed for change to happen. A change movement needs to start with a single spark of action . . . somewhere.

A geriatrician by training, Dr. Thomas is a well-known inspirational writer, speaker, and performer. One of the most innovative and creative thinkers working in medicine today, he is perhaps best known for being the creator of the Eden Alternative and the Greenhouse Project to revolutionize nursing homes.

Now he is bringing a radical new approach to growth and aging through a national “non-fiction” theatrical tour produced in partnership with AARP’s Life Reimagined, Capital Impact Partners, Merrill Lynch and more than three dozen sponsor organizations, including Lifesprk.

Inspired by Thomas’ new book examining the baby boom generation’s reluctant generational second coming of age—“Second Wind:  Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper and More Connected Life” (published by Simon and Schuster March 11 and named by Publisher’s Weekly as a Top 10 Social Science book of 2014)—the Second Wind Tour will visit 25 cities on a national bus tour from March 31-June 6, 2014.

Lifesprk is sponsoring the tour for its only upper mid-west stop on May 9th at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis, MN.

“This will be a once-in-a-lifetime event to start a new conversation about our ‘second wind’ opportunities,” explains Joel Theisen, CEO & Founder of Lifesprk. “People will remember where this conversation about catching our ‘second wind’ started. It brings together all of Dr. Thomas’s talents with a group of other provocative thinkers and creative masters in an amazing theatrical performance that is creating buzz across the country.”