Senior Care: Breaking Through Patient Inertia for Engagement to Get Well

The Difference A Life Care Manager Can Make…

patient-healthAs professionals, we‘ve all seen it – people who are thrust into the midst of a health care crisis. They are fatigued and overwhelmed. With what little energy they possess, they are trying to heal. And yet they face a barrage of questions that demand decisions which further saps their energy.

  • How will they get to the follow-up physician appointment?
  • How will they manage their medications?
  • Do they understand their medications?
  • How will they manage meals?
  • Who is going to be with them when they first get home from the hospital?
  • What support do they need?
  • What about meals, bathing, dressing, and other personal care?
  • Who is going to coordinate the support?
  • What’s the plan to get them back to the activities they love?

It is a catch-22 called decision fatigue: they have little energy to devote to these decisions and yet the decisions are crucial to their ability to get better. Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all, they want nothing more than to do nothing. And so that is often what happens. Nothing. They refuse extra support and try to do it all on their own. They often end up back in the hospital with another crisis.

These are crucial transition points for both the individual and their family. So how do we as professionals help them get over this inertia?

An increasing body of research is finding that ‘health coaches’ or advocates play a significant role in helping people not only recuperate but also prevent future admissions. Most importantly, during these critical transition points, these advocates can become the lifeline, working closely with people to provide step-by-step guidance that moves them through those difficult initial steps.

Health coaching is a major aspect of a Lifesprk Life Care Manager (LCM) role. Lifesprk has a team of almost 30 LCMs who use the innovative Lifesprk Experience model to build engagement. It starts with discovering the client’s personal goals and wishes. But more importantly, Lifesprk LCMs can serve as a go-to resource – the mooring that keeps them connected – to help people and their families understand their options and keep them on the path toward their personal goals.

Lifesprk LCMs can also serve as the point-person for Care Transitions teams and Medical Homes, complementing their efforts and providing ongoing continuity of the care plan in the home.RC swoosh icon_6.28.16

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