Second Wind Tour: with Dr. Bill Thomas – Event Recap

The day has finally arrived! Our Lifesprk team has anxiously been watching as the Second Wind Tour worked it’s way across the country from New York to Pennsylvania and Ohio to Michigan, and finally to Minnesota! Today from 1-5pm the show will be live at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. Don’t worry if you can’t make it because we will be reporting live on Twitter. Just go to and in the search bar search#SecondWindMN to see all the tweets from Lifesprk and other audience members.
And our coverage doesn’t stop there. We will updating this blog post all day long. It’s called “live-blogging” and is meant to give you a place to check in and see what’s happening throughout the event! We look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact us on our social media channels or comment below. Click here to learn more about the Second Wind Tour!

Pre-Show Events – 11:30am

    Lifesprk Second Wind Tour Morning1Lifesprk Setup Second Wind Tour
Things are looking great this morning! Our booth is all set up and ready for the the Second Wind Tour in Minneapolis. Our team is so excited for today’s events! Here are some attendees celebrating with us to “SING ON” in the second half of life.
Our theme of the day is looking forward to the positive in the future and welcoming what’s possible in the second half of life! We’ve been talking to attendees about how they’re sparking their lives and the lives of others this morning. There is a wonderful crowd here in Minneapolis for the Second Wind Tour!
Lunch Dr Bill Thomas

Our team has the privilege of enjoying lunch with Dr. Bill Thomas of Changing Aging, and hearing about his experiences on the Second Wind Tour. It’s so much fun to see all the energy in the room! We’re honored to have him in Minneapolis and we can’t wait to see the show! We can already tell that it is going to be an amazing journey today.


“The future is already here; it’s just not evenly distributed.” You have a front row seat to the Minneapolis Second Wind Tour! This 25-city tour is making incredible strides towards connecting people with their passions and the tools to live their best in the second half of life!

The Minneapolis Second Wind Tour Begins! – 1:00pm


Dr. Bill Thomas is on stage and we couldn’t be more excited! We have been looking forward to this day for months. Act One will bring forth different ideas and thoughts about second half of life, then intermission offers time to discuss these ideas. Dr. Bill Thomas says, “please turn cell phones on and share thoughts and feelings – age of connection is here!”


Dr. Janet Taylor is speaking and challenging the audience to think different as they enter the second half of life. She is a frequently invited speaker on the subjects of Minority Health, Stress Management, Parenting and Work-Life Balance. She is a frequent contributor to CBS “ This Morning,” and NBC “The Today Show” and Good Morning America. Dr. Taylor is also regularly featured on CNN, MSNBC and’s regular webcast’, “Mom’s Get Real”, Her column in Family Circle Magazine is titled, “Ask Dr. Janet”. She states that as we get older, aging reminds us that we don’t have a lot of time left. We better get it right- start sparking your life today!

Ashton Applewhite – 2:15pm

Ashton Applewhite is a Knight Fellow, a New York Times Fellow, and a Columbia Journalism School Age Boom Fellow. She is the author of “Cutting Loose: How Women Who End Their Marriages Do So Well”, media liaison to the board of the Council on Contemporary Families, and a staff writer at the American Museum of Natural History. See her work at This Chair Rocks. Ashton is speaking beautifully about love, sex and connections in old age and how they affect issues in ageism. Incredible!

The Eden Alternative – 2:45pm

Susan from The Eden Alternative is telling us about long-term care and living better though The Green House Project. One of the most relatable statements for us is “Long term care is broken. I didn’t know how to fix it, but I knew that had to be a better way.” We couldn’t have said it better! The Eden Alternative is a not for profit organization in Rochester, New York, dedicated to transforming care environments into habitats for human beings that promote quality of life for all.


Lifesprk CEO Joel Theisen – 3:15pm

Lifesprk CEO Joel Theisen takes the stage to discuss one of our favorite topics: dreams! He tells the story of helping Fred, a fisherman client, experience time out on boat. It was an incredible journey and Fred kissed every sunfish he caught on the fishing trip! It is important to focus on the full person in healthcare, and this is Lifesprk’s main goal. To do this, we ask our clients: What is your purpose? What’s driving your passion? We need to age with purpose and passion!

Another client, Joyce, was a challenging client. She was unhappy, so Joel spent time getting to know her and discovered what excited her. Joyce’s major passion was theater, so Lifesprk planned an outing to State Theater in downtown Minneapolis. Joyce brightened up and she loved the time spent with Lifesprk! What gets in the way with our life purpose as we age?  We often are so busy we miss the boat on what really matters, the purpose in life. Lifesprk’s client stories show the power of what happens when people’s lives are sparked and fully enjoyed!


Dr. Bill Thomas – 4:00pm

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to balance on stilts in life? Dr. Bill Thomas is speaking about being out of balance and the importance of awareness. If we have a feeling of overfilling everyday, as though can’t be successful if we are not doing more, we need to make a change. He explains that by taking a look at the lives of children, we can see how we have “adultified” childhood. A summer vacation that used to be full of emptiness is now structured around camps, recitals, and doing as much as possible. The expectation to grow and evolve should happen over a lifetime. Elderly experiences cannot be dismissed. They should be celebrated! It’s never too late to reimagine the life you are living.


The End of an Inspiring Day – Act 3 

Musicians for World Harmony are performing last. The audience is signing and dancing to the music and it’s an amazing end to a wonderful day! The organization’s mission is to use the healing power of music to reawaken the humanity in the hearts of displaced and distressed peoples affected by war and disease in an effort to promote peace, understanding and harmony.  They visit and foster environments and centers to make make music therapy available and accessible to populations in need. Part of their mission includes sponsoring musicians to visit & perform for the displaced and distressed to promote peace and healing.  Dr Bill Thomas Music Second Wind Tour LifesprkDancing Second Wind Tour minneapolis

The event wrapped up with a very fun and thought-provoking performance of Want to be More Peaceful in my Heart. It was amazing to watch Musicians For World Harmony perform at the Second Wind Tour and manage to move the audience from sitting to singing to dancing! Their positive energy was so powerful! 

Dancing Second Wind Tour