Second Wind Tour: Minneapolis Wrap Up Continuing the Conversation in the Twin Cities

Dr. Bill Thomas’s Second Wind Tour helped hundreds of participants catch their ‘second wind’ last week at Orchestra Hall. The afternoon of non-fiction theater, brought to Minneapolis by Lifesprk as the local sponsor, provided an opportunity for people to hit the ‘pause’ button in their frantic lives and to consider the opportunities ahead in what Dr. Thomas calls ‘elderhood.’

The buzz in the lobby both before the show and especially during intermission was humming. People were talking about their spark and how to first connect to themselves, as Joel Theisen, Founder & CEO of Lifesprk suggested during his talk.

They were acknowledging their lives being out of balance and the need for a shift in their thinking, and to realize that it is never too late to begin again.

Beneath all the lights, videos and performances, the main messages were in sync: social change takes action. And if we want to create a different experience for seniors as well as for ourselves, we need to act and work together.

“One of the reasons we wanted to sponsor this event,” Theisen explained, “was to bring together people from throughout the Twin Cities community to begin a new dialogue, to drive action. We want to connect with people who want to work together to create a continuum of opportunity for people in the second half of life.

“We want to hear from others in the senior care industry who are interested in further discussing the change we can create. At Lifesprk, we know that isolation is fatal, and that the change of this magnitude will not happen alone. It will take all of use working together to create the whole person approach we all want and deserve.”

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