North Memorial Receives ’50 Best Hospitals’ Award 2015

Lifesprk is proud to partner with systems that are changing the experience.


Improving the patient experience and reducing readmissions demands a systematic approach that involves integrating with partners across the continuum. North Memorial Medical Center, one of Lifesprk’s partners, does this and they are reaping the benefits, recently being awarded the 50 Best Hospitals Award for the fourth year in a row, an honor that places them in the top 1% of the nation’s hospitals for care.

Lifesprk is proud to partner with organizations like North Memorial, which focuses its strategies on improving outcomes for people. As Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder of Lifesprk explains, “While readmission rates are a critical indicator, they are not the endgame. To truly achieve the overall well-being of the individuals within our communities, we as providers need to be moving towards a model of population health management that extends far beyond our bricks and mortar,” Theisen said. “We need to integrate more within our community, much like North Memorial has done with Lifesprk.”

In their partnership with North Memorial, Lifesprk helped North Memorial build and leverage their Care Access program, a triage hub, to continue to improve care coordination and the patient experience. “By making it a priority to create a fully integrated healthcare system, North Memorial has been able to improve patient flow, quality of care and patient satisfaction,” Theisen said. “This is what changing the experience is all about.”

Current health care systems don’t go far enough to make a difference long-term or eliminate the gaps where people often fail. “That’s what makes Lifesprk so unique, we are designed to be a turn-key, whole-person population health management model that can easily plug into a wide range of providers,” said Theisen. “There are a variety of ways we can accomplish this so people have access to everything they need to live sparked lives.”

Congratulation to our partner, North Memorial, for putting people and their experiences first. We know isolation is fatal. And North Memorial’s success shows how collaboration causes everyone to thrive.

We want to know – how do you see providers breaking down silos of excellence to build whole-person systems of care across the continuum? What steps are organizations taking to integrate a long-term community-based approach into their models?