Lifesprk Wins ‘Excellence in the Workplace’ Award from LeadingAge Minnesota

Purple cowbells are ringing all over the Twin Cities! Lifesprk has won the 2015 LeadingAge Minnesota (MN) Excellence in the Workplace award.  Amid many exceptional applications this year from other fine organizations from all over Minnesota competing for this award, Lifesprk was chosen. Why? Because when you ‘spark lives,’ it shows.

be-the-voiceThe American Psychological Association Center for Organizational Excellence points to five key points in promoting an excellent workplace: healthy work environment, employee involvement, work-life balance, employee growth and development, health and safety, and employee recognition. Excellence in the workplace matters because when you focus on sparking the lives of your employees first – you will see an improvement in performance, productivity and overall wellbeing of your employees.

LeadingAgeMN asked us the question – ‘Is it really possible to have such a great workplace that you have employees for life?” We answered – yes! And in the video LeadingAgeMN created, you can see how Lifesprk’s culture of investing in team members is at the center of all we’ve done for the past ten years.

Our mission of sparking lives embodies the whole entire team – employees, partners, clients and families. It’s a company-wide philosophy that when you come to work each day passionate about what you do and with a clearly defined purpose, that spark is ignited. “This award is something we are very proud of at Lifesprk – sparking lives starts with our people who together make a powerful team,” said Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder of LIfesprk. “Our culture is strong and we feel it every day with what we call our ‘#Purple Power’ but it’s wonderful to be celebrated and recognized by external organizations for all we do as a team to promote excellence in the workplace.”

What are you doing as organization to promote excellence in the workplace? Why do you think it’s important to spark your employee’s lives? Share On!