Lifesprk Prepares to Share Its Own Outcomes Data

Could Minnesota Be Leading the Way in Reducing Readmissions?

According to Lifesprk CEO & Founder Joel Theisen, “Lifesprk from its inception was built to eliminate the roller coaster of health care crises – in short, to break the cycle of readmissions that so many seniors face.” As part of its proprietary Lifesprk Experience™ model, the company has launched a comprehensive outcomes tracking initiative and engaged in a baseline effort to measure the impact the Lifesprk Experience model has on its clients.

The baseline study looked at actual clients’ experiences, including hospitalizations and Emergency Department visits, for one year prior to using Lifesprk and then for one year with Lifesprk services. While the results are anticipated to be announced early this spring, Theisen says he is “extremely pleased” with the data he has seen so far.

“We are documenting a measurable difference that Lifesprk is creating for our clients and their families, with a significant reduction in readmit rates. We have learned a lot in the development of our model and those insights are paying off in terms of a dramatically improved experience for the people we serve,” said Theisen. He adds that the truly exciting effort lies ahead with the further development of Lifesprk’s innovative approach.

“There’s still so much opportunity to expand our long-term, whole-person care that is dedicated to sparking lives. Our team is looking forward to continued improvements in our clients’ outcomes, especially as we serve even more people in the Twin Cities and beyond, helping them to get off that roller coaster that robs them of so much – finances, independence and of course health and well-being,” Theisen stated.

To learn more about Lifesprk’s baseline outcomes results, please call our Navigation team at 952-345-8770 or email Lifesprk.