Lifesprk Moving On!

Lifesprk is moving on … location that is, to St. Louis Park. We have a busy week ahead moving our main office on November 16 with plans to be fully settled in our new space on Monday, November 19. Our new address will be:

5320 W 23rd Street
Suite #130
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

According to Joel Theisen, CEO and Founder of Lifesprk, the new building is significantly larger than Lifesprk’s current space, creating more opportunities for the entire company to be together on one floor. “Sparking lives is all about our people,” said Joel. “We need a space that accommodates our tremendous growth, our strong culture and purple vibe, and a place where we can collaborate under one roof to fulfill our mission and reach more seniors in need of whole person senior care. We are very excited about what this space can do to change the experience for our team, and the clients we serve.”

Please note our address is the only thing that is changing, our phone number, referral line, and campus offices remain the same.

For additional details about what this means for you, please contact or call 952-345-8770.