Lifesprk CTO Hosts Free Webinar on Streamlining Healthcare Processes with e-Signatures

Fraser Shares Experience on Best Practices at Lifesprk.

John Fraser, Lifesprk CTO, joined e-SignLive’s Vice President of Marketing, Mary Ellen Power, for a webinar on Streamlining Healthcare Processes with E-Signatures” in a discussion around how secure e-signatures can be added quickly and easily to existing workflows. Thus eliminating the need to print forms and documents. 

John FraserSara Aschenbrener, Lifesprk’s General Manager, explained how Lifesprk had been utilizing a ‘painfully manual and paper process for our growing hiring needs.’ Having doubled in revenue nearly every year for the last 10 years, Lifesprk’s personnel needs have continued to increase exponentially.

“We are actively hiring direct care staff and for professional sales and nursing growth positions,” said Aschenbrener. “Historically, it had taken our organization weeks to convert applicants to actively serving our clients. We were hiring approximately 12 direct care staff each month using 3-5 different staff members to move individuals through the system. The Lifesprk ExperienceTM model we provide to our clients hinges on our ability to provide consistent, reliable and dedicated employees. Our inability to provide that same experience to our applicants became painfully obvious.”

Through the introduction of e-signatures for background checks, tuberculin screening and all essential new hire paperwork (20 total documents), Lifesprk has been able to hire 5-7 front-line staff per week using one dedicated hiring resource.

“We have drastically improved the Employee Experience, ensuring all are given the consistency, reliability and dedication we expect of each one of them,” said Aschenbrener. “Furthermore, by retaining entirely electronic personnel files, we have streamlined our auditing processes and ensured greater compliance.”

When Lifesprk hired John Fraser we looked to him to apply his years of experience to transform paper processes to digital to improve the experience for clients and employees while increasing our efficiency.

“Lifesprk is well known for changing the lives of our clients but we are also out to spark the lives of our applicants and new employees,” stated Fraser.  “In the spirit of providing the best employee experience and with the help of e-SignLive from Silanis, Lifesprk has transformed the hiring process, fully digitizing what used to take weeks and several trips by applicants to the corporate office, to a process that now can easily be completed in days and from the convenience of an applicant’s mobile phone or home computer.”  Fraser points out that the transition has been amazing for both Lifesprk and our new applicants. Applicants are excited to have an easy hiring process which reflects the efficiencies Lifesprk employees enjoy while on the job.  Lifesprk has a repeatable, secure and cost effective way to meet the increasing demands of our growth and constant need for additional employees.

Fraser added, “This transformation has worked so well, we were excited to share our experience about what worked for us and where we believe digital transactions are going in the healthcare industry in during the webinar.

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