Lifesprk Aide Named Noble Caregiver

Lifesprk Caregiver Wins Noble Caregiver Award…

Who would you want caring for you or your loved one? Wouldn’t you want someone who speaks softly, calms people, makes you feel comfortable and empowered, is always willing to help others–including colleagues, shows up early, goes beyond expectations, has an infectious positive attitude and displays natural leadership?

In short, we know you’d want Stacy Williams–she is a frontline Lifesprk caregiver who exemplifies the qualities of a Noble Caregiver. At Lifesprk, we empower our employees to help spark the lives of people in the second half of life because we know it helps keep people off the roller coaster of health care crises–Stacy does this naturally.

It is just the beginning of why Stacy, who lives in Oakdale, has been chosen by Care Providers of Minnesota as the recipient of the 2014 Noble Caregiver: Senior Living award.

The award according to Lisa Foss Olson, Recognition Committee Staff Liaison with Care Providers of Minnesota, recognizes frontline caregivers for their contributions that lead to improved quality of life for residents and create a better work environment for the housing with services/assisted living community’s staff. Stacy, who is a Lifesprk caregiver at Oak Meadows, a senior living community who has partnered with Lifesprk, was nominated by her peers who felt her positive attitude contributes to the overall well-being of people she serves and increases team morale.

Naomi Fluck, RN, Lifesprk Director of Life Care at Oak Meadows, said that she witnesses Stacy’s contributions on a daily basis. “At Lifesprk, we empower our employees to help spark the lives of people in the second half of life because we know it helps keep them off the roller coaster of health care crises,” shared Fluck. “Stacy does this naturally–her kind, soft spoken demeanor calms tenants, especially those with dementia, and their eyes light up when they know she is at work. Stacy is a caregiver who is devoted to her clients, immediately becoming an extension of their family.”

Lifesprk has more than 400 caregivers working throughout the community and nurses-awardat several campuses in the Twin Cities. “Our caregivers are at the forefront of what we do at Lifesprk,” said Joel Theisen, RN, CEO and Founder of Lifesprk. “We’ve always believed people in the second half of life deserve a different experience–one that explores and discovers who they are as a whole person, not just who they are medically while giving them the outcomes they all want. This award celebrates Stacy as a devoted caregiver who truly understands our mission. On a daily basis she is investing in the extra efforts to engage her tenants because she knows when people’s lives are sparked, their health and well-being ultimately improve.”

Kim Utecht Prayfrock, Director of Community Relations at Oak Meadows, echoed Fluck’s sentiments saying that Stacy’s contributions to the well-being of each tenant are powerful. “A year ago we partnered with Lifesprk to become our in-house provider for our tenants,” said Prayfrock. “The quality of caregivers we’ve seen from Lifesprk has sparked not only our tenants’ lives, but our staff as well.” “Stacy provides hands-on service like assistance with personal cares, medication administration, socialization, daily activities/recreation and laundry to name a few, but she also goes deeper to discover people’s passions–this is unique in home care and something that is changing the experience for our tenants,” added Prayfrock.

Several letters of support from staff, clients and former family members helped win Stacy this award. Each letter wrote of her initiative and performance going beyond the call of duty providing comfort and service to tenants, family members and volunteers. “I’ve been in the health care industry for more than 17 years,” added Fluck. “Not once before have I witnessed the profound effect one person can have on people’s lives.”

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