Is your job sparking your life? If not, it should…

Kari Schwartz has been a nurse for more than 20 years. It wasn’t until she became a Life Care Manager (RN) with Lifesprk did she truly feel the spark in her nursing role. “Where’s the spark in my job? It comes from the feeling of knowing I’m changing people’s experience of aging. It’s so much more than what I was able to do in my other nursing roles,” said Schwartz. 

For Schwartz and so many Life Care Managers (RN) at Lifesprk, while they practice the medical side of nursing, the role goes deeper than that. They have the opportunity look at the whole person – across all 7 elements of wellbeing– including identity, social supports, memory & thinking, finances, health & wellness, home & safety, and purpose & passion. Something many nurses aren’t able to do in today’s fast-paced, medically driven world of health care.Kari with Clients

With Lifesprk, it’s about creating pathways to help people in the second half of life prioritize their health and wellness goals and giving them the support to help them achieve success. “It’s a very gratifying feeling to know you’ve helped someone not only with their immediate health crisis or concern but to give them something more and truly spark their lives by helping them see the opportunities that still remain for them,” said Schwartz. “Nothing can replace that feeling when you see satisfied clients and families who realize that even though challenges and health issues exist, life can still be good – great things continue to happen for them when you change the experience and help create a new pathway.”

Lifesprk’s goal is to spark lives. But it starts with our team, our people. When our team is passionate about what they do, that emotion is carried to our clients and families, and we all shine. Life is about possibility. If your current job isn’t creating the spark in your life, it should. Explore these opportunities and ignite the spark in your career, visit our Careers page.

Is your job sparking your life? How? Are you passionate about what you do? Share with us some of your most memorable stories and why it’s important to seek the spark in your career. Spark On!