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Minnesota Ranks 1st in Nation for Health Care Access, Quality & Outcomes

Congratulations to our colleagues across the state for making Minnesota #1 for the second year in a row and making significant strides to improve the quality of care people in our state receive so they can live healthier, more independent lives. The Fourth Commonwealth Fund Scorecard on State Health System Performance was announced this week ranking Minnesota as 1st among the nation in areas of access & affordability, prevention & treatment, avoidable hospital use & cost, healthy lives and equity.

The scorecard shared that reductions in hospital readmissions accelerated in 2012, when the federal government began financially penalizing hospitals with high rates of readmissions. Rates of potentially preventable admissions to the hospital continued to fall in several states – part of the reason why Lifesprk embarked on a study to measure our outcomes which found that the Lifesprk model reduces hospitalizations by 73% and ER visits by 52%.

Overall the scorecard points out that most indicators show that more states are improving rather than worsening – that’s good news for everyone! Keep up the good work and let’s keep the spark going!