Formerly AgeWell 18 Months Later

People still ask us: ‘Why did you change your name? AgeWell was so great. . .’

It is a good and fair question. We had a strong brand and an excellent reputation in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market in Minnesota. Aging well is of course a great goal, and one that almost everyone can agree with.

So, why the change in May 2012?

According to Lifesprk Founder & CEO Joel Theisen, RN, the name ‘AgeWell’ just didn’t go far enough. “This is about more than changing a name,” Joel explains. “We felt compelled to capture the full spirit of our mission, our people’s passion, and the experience we need to create in the world . . . which is sparking lives!

“With Lifesprk,” he adds, “we’ve taken aging out of the picture. Not that aging is good or bad. So many people, though, have misconceptions, myths and baggage attached to that word. Lifesprk is about opportunity – it is about living life on your terms, with a spark in your eyes, in control, independent and staying that way – and that is an ageless opportunity.”

Joel notes that the current experience of people aging in this country is often fraught with one crisis after another, a roller coaster with each crisis robbing people of more choice, more control and more independence.

“Our goal is to eliminate that roller coaster, and AgeWell just didn’t fully capture that. We want people to live with a spark in their lives. We’ve all seen it – the person living with no hope, no purpose and wondering why they are still on this earth. That is a tragedy of mammoth proportions and one that all of us at Lifesprk are passionate about changing.

“But this is not something that one company alone can accomplish. It takes more than a village, it takes a community, companies and business leaders along with neighbors helping neighbors, all working side by side. Our model uses a holistic, proactive approach to help people address any issues, including health problems, that may get in the way of their goals to live with purpose and passion, which we call a sparked life. And we are continually looking for other professionals, colleagues, companies, and community leaders who believe what we believe – that the experience in the second half of life can be different.

“Every single person we touch – and our numbers are growing – makes us more committed than ever in accomplishing that goal.”