Engaging Careers: Nursing the Way You Imagined It Should Be

Lifesprk nurse shares her story on how she gets to spark lives, starting with her own.

ethel-blog-postEthel Muchlinski has been a nurse for nearly forty years – eight of them being with Lifesprk. Throughout the years leading up to Lifesprk, she held many nursing roles, always in search of something more – a career that she could retire and look back on and say, “I made a difference and my work brought joy to my life.” Since Lifesprk, she’s stopped searching and she’s sparking lives, starting with her own.

“When I started nursing school, I was taught to look at the whole person. That’s why I became a nurse – to help people, to make a difference and change lives,” said Ethel. “But over the years, traditional nursing had me focusing my energy on the medical model, turning further away from the person who needed the care to focus instead on the diagnosis or particular health crisis.” After moving through the motions and losing her spark for nursing, Ethel made a career change joining the field of human resources. Her passion for nursing was reignited after she saw a job posting at Lifesprk that piqued her interest. Eight years later, her passion for nursing has only strengthened as a Director of Life Care for Lifesprk. “At Lifesprk, we build relationships–we aren’t shift nurses and we make every effort to change people’s lives,” said Ethel. “In fact, it’s an expectation that we do.”

Medical professionals are hesitant to believe this type of nursing exists, but every time she visits a doctor’s office, Ethel reminds them that it does and it works. She shared one story where she and a client went to a cardiologist’s office to go over a care plan, or as it is known at Lifesprk, a Life Plan. “He didn’t believe that the client would be able to improve or that follow up would happen,” said Ethel. “As we often do, we proved him wrong – because I’ve built such a close, long-term bond with my client, I was able to make sure every follow up occurred and all care was coordinated.”

Lifesprk’s mission and vision is what Ethel believes is the biggest difference between our nursing and other models. “It’s very clear what we are hired to do,” explained Ethel. “We need to spark lives and the whole company is aligned around that mission.” She also believes the accountability is what motivates her to connect so powerfully with clients. “I don’t have to wait for someone else to tell me how to care for a client, I have full authority to do what needs to be done, to get creative and solve client issues on my own.”

Ethel added that if people in Minneapolis / St. Paul want to make a difference and spark their career, they should get on the bus – the Lifesprk bus that is. And perfect timing, because Lifesprk has immediate openings for nurses seeking a career in senior care that will spark or reignite their passion for nursing.

We want to know: in your career, are you able to nurse the way you want? Are you sparking clients’ lives? How and what is the most rewarding part of your job as a nurse? Share On! Nurse On!