Education Minnesota Takes Leading Role in Supporting Members & Families with Elder Care Needs

Minnesota’s Educators’ Union Partners with Lifesprk…

education-mn-logo_Today 1 in 5 adults have caregiving responsibilities, and almost 70% of those are employed. As our population ages and more people live longer with chronic health conditions, employers are taking note. According to a blog by The Washington Post, “companies are beginning to grapple with growing numbers of workers who have elder-care responsibilities.”

Education Minnesota, the state’s largest advocate for public education, has taken a leadership role in providing elder care support to its more than 70,000 members and their families. Through their Education Minnesota ESI benefits division, they have partnered with Lifesprk, based in Edina, Minnesota, to provide free Senior Care Navigation services statewide.

Lifesprk’s Senior Care Navigation program is an easy-to-use 24/7 personal concierge service for all the senior care needs for Education Minnesota’s members and their families. Members can access a broad range of proactive support and planning as well as navigation, connection to reliable resources and advocacy.

Education Minnesota ESI acknowledged the value Lifesprk could bring to their members for this growing issue. Lifesprk, the leading provider of whole life care services (an innovative blend of geriatric care management and home care) in the Twin Cities, brings more than 10 years of expertise backed by a leadership team with more than 230 years of experience in home and senior care.

As The Washington Post blog points out, “MetLife estimates that failing to support workers with elder-care responsibilities can cost as much as $34 billion a year in lost productivity, absenteeism, disengagement, turnover and increased health care costs.” However, Education Minnesota also recognized the tremendous personal toll these responsibilities take on individuals and their loved ones as they grow older.

“Our goal,” said Doug Ryant, Chairman of the Board for Education Minnesota ESI, “is to ensure that our members and their families have the reliable tools and support they need to not only get the care they may need but to change the experience to help them live what Lifesprk calls a sparked life.”