NURSES WEEK Minneapolis

Celebrating #NursesWeek with A Little Fun…

A Little Something For Everyone To Play Along And Discover Their Inner Nurse

For Nurses Week, we thought we’d have a little fun. And we are hoping you will too. Whether you are a nurse, nursing student, or just someone who learned your nursing perspective from channeling your inner Samantha Tagget from ER, we’ve developed two fun games to help you discover what kind of nurse you are and test your nursing IQ.

Click here to play the Nurse Game!

While fun, these games are meant to highlight the many faces of nursing and offer thought-provoking questions to help you stop and reflect on the kind of nurse you truly want to be. And for those who are nurses, help you assess why you became a nurse in the first place – do your answers match the kind of nurse you actually are? Are you nursing the way you want?

We celebrate our own Lifesprk nurses and every nurse who dedicates his or her life to caring for people, reform healthcare, teaching our future nurses, researching treatments and cures, providing leadership and motivation to their staff, and multi-tasking to provide quick thinking during times of crises. We thank each and every one of you for bringing your passion and spark to the profession of nursing.

Join the conversation, join the fun, or even join our team (which is growing rapidly), and celebrate #NursesWeek!

NURSES WEEK MinneapolisNurse Game – Just for fun

You’ve seen those games circling around Facebook ‘what’s your life motto,’ ‘what state are you,’ or ‘who is your soulmate’ – they are infectious fun. We’ve decided to celebrate Nurses Week by giving everyone an opportunity to think about the kind of nurse you are or could be. Are you the healer, compassionate listener, activist ready to inspire a movement, educator and leader or change maker? Do you resonate with Florence Nightingale or Justus Akinsanya or perhaps Major Margaret ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan? Play our fun nursing game and share the results on your social channels.

Nurse Trivia – Participate and enter to win $100 gift card

Test your nursing IQ by participating in our nursing trivia posted daily on our Facebook page through May 24, 2016 – who was the founder of modern nursing or which first lady volunteered as a nurse? Every time you answer the trivia, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card. The random drawing will be help on May 25.