Caregivers at the heart of helping clients live sparked lives

At Lifesprk, caregivers are all about sparking lives

They do this in many different ways, including really getting to know their clients and discovering what their purpose and passions are.  Some questions they may ask in doing this are: “What makes them special and unique?”  “What things do they love to do that bring them joy and fulfillment?” Or simply, “what can we do to make them smile and put a spark in their eyes?” 

Sani Baba, Lead Home Health Aide for Lifesprk, regularly volunteers his time by organizing and leading a ping pong group for the residents at Summit Place, a SilverCrest property, where Lifesprk partners with SilverCrest to provide its residents the Lifesprk Experience™. In a recent issue of Caregiver Update, Lifesprk’s internal newsletter for caregivers, Sani shared something he did to spark a memory care client that really illustrates the caregiver experience….

“What a Come Back”

It was Friday at 11/09/12 at 10:15 in the morning and Marianne was amazing playing in a ping pong game.  This morning the 80 year who is a client in Memory Care at Summit Place in Eden Prairie played so well.  Marianne’s focus, agility, and skills are coming back after so many years without holding a ping pong paddle.  She said she used to play among men and beat them hands down.  Not only that, she played the table game but also was excellent in tennis having won 2 championship games in Minneapolis in the “Good Old Days.”

Why is this story important? After all, it’s just a ping pong game……The point is, Sani and so many other Lifesprk caregivers are passionate about what they do. So much so, they are compelled to capture their stories and share with other caregivers so they can learn from their own experiences. Caregivers are at the heart of what we do at Lifesprk, they are the drivers in keeping our clients living sparked lives and go above and beyond to make sure clients are on the right path to living life with more meaning. One ping pong game at a time! Lifesprk is seeking additional caregivers to work with clients in assisted living and memory campuses in Eden Prairie, St. Louis Park and community. For additional details, please visit our careers page.

How are your caregivers sparking client’s lives?