Care Transitions: New Pilot Program to Help Reduce Health Crises for Older Adults

Augustana Pilot

Lifesprk is partnering with Augustana Care  to create a new Thrive On @ Home pilot program to enhance services for older adults.

Thrive On @ Home is a free service designed to give people discharged from short-term rehabilitation added support in the community. The aim is to reduce hospital readmissions, improve outcomes, and spark lives to help people live more fully. This first-of-its-kind collaboration in the Twin Cities market provides ongoing proactive guidance that helps close gaps and provide resources and education to address the myriad issues, including psycho-social, that contribute to health crises.

According to Joel Theisen, RN, CEO & Founder of Lifesprk, “innovative partnerships like this one are essential in today’s market to be ready to create ‘systems of excellence’ that integrate and transform traditional silos of excellence. Our vision is to design and deliver the most effective post-acute continuum that fosters long-term, trusted relationships with people to produce the best outcomes and improved life experience over time.”

“Thrive On @ Home is about giving people the tools they need to avoid rehospitalization after a hospital stay and short-term rehabilitation at an Augustana Care community. Our goal is that patients enjoy longer, fuller and healthier lifestyles following their discharge,” says Augustana Care Chief Operating Officer Tim Middendorf.

Thrive On @ Home program participants and their families can choose from a wide range of resources as appropriate and access 24/7 navigation services for information and care crisis

Life Care Navigator Lyn Lais, RN, will administer the program. A registered nurse with over 24 years of health care experience, Lyn prides herself on delivering a different experience that focuses on the individual, helping them build a path to their goals.

For more information about the program, please call  877-345-3319.

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