Beth Nemec

Beth Nemec Sparks New Role as Director of Sales

Connecting People in the Second Half of Life to Resources They Need to Change Their Experience

Beth Nemec has helped grow Lifesprk from the beginning and is now sparking lives once again as Lifesprk’s Director of Sales. Joel Theisen, RN, CEO and founder of Lifesprk said, “It’s a natural fit for her and one that will have a great impact on our ability to connect people to the resources they need to change their experience in the second half of life.”

Joel noted that Beth has played many different roles at Lifesprk over the last ten years, and she has strong connections to the local market. “We’re excited to have Beth back out in the field working directly with our professional colleagues as well as clients and families,” he said.

With more than twenty-nine years of experience in the healthcare industry, and twenty-five of those years spent delivering home health care services, Beth has seen too many people on the roller coaster of healthcare crises. “This role gives me the opportunity to work closer with our professional colleagues to help reduce re-hospitalization rates and create pathways to help people live more meaningful lives,” said Nemec. “I’ll focus my energy on creating opportunities for us to work together with a wide range of local professionals to help people eliminate the roller coaster from their lives.”

Read the full news release on Beth’s announcement for additional details. How are you helping to reduce readmission rates? What has worked for your clients? What are your goals? Join the conversation and change the experience for people in the second half of life!