John Fraser

Lifesprk CTO Becomes Ambassador for Aging2.0 Minneapolis Bringing Senior Care Leaders Together to Create Change

When John Fraser joined Lifesprk as our Chief Technology Officer he had one mission: bring technology and innovation to a market that deeply needed it. “At Lifesprk my focus has been on integrating new technologies to deliver the ultimate experience for seniors, clients and employees.” Using technology, John has been able to help spark lives and keep people connected and engaged.

But it’s also personal. He will tell you he’s very lucky to have all of his grandparents alive and because of his experience working for Lifesprk he knows what it takes to keep them healthy and independent and off what Lifesprk refers to as the roller coaster of health care crises. “I can see how it happens for seniors as they slowly creep onto the roller coaster with one health setback as it has for my own grandparents. Because of them, I’m more empowered to seek new opportunities for technological innovations that will revolutionize the aging market.” 

With Minnesota on the cutting edge of the senior care market and deemed the healthiest state for people to age, John felt it was more important now than ever to bring innovation to the Twin Cities. He worked hard to advocate for Aging 2.0 to open a Minneapolis chapter, his success earned him the Ambassador role for Aging 2.0, a global innovation platform with a mission of accelerating innovation to improve the lives of older adults around the world. “It’s the spirit of why I got into healthcare in the first place. Being part of both Aging 2.0 and Lifesprk helps me be on the frontline of creating innovations for seniors beyond health and wellness and change the aging experience on many levels.”

This Wednesday, June 29, John will hold the first ever Aging 2.0 Global Startup Search in Minneapolis from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at Cowboy Jacks – Wild Bill Room in Bloomington. At the event, several senior care companies will be pitching their service or product to a panel of judges in hopes of securing venture capital funding. “I want to see these start-ups get the chance they need to change the world.” Across the globe, similar events are being held and the winner of each local event will keep moving up until the top 10 worldwide are chosen and invited to present at the annual Aging 2.0 global conference in San Francisco.

“I’m really glad to be a part of a company who supports my passions outside of work and also willing to serve as an Executor Sponsor for Aging 2.0,” added John. “We all have a role in changing the experience for a growing aging population, and I’m excited to see what this event brings.”

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