North Memorial Care Access Team in Need of More ‘Sparkle’

Seeking Nurses in Minneapolis’ Northern Suburbs

Kay Golembeck is one of the “Sparkle Girls,” which is a team of Lifesprk nurses working on the Care Access team at North Memorial located in Robbinsdale Minnesota. Why do they call themselves this? “We spark lives,” said Kay. “And we are sparking more and more lives each day, which is why we are looking to expand our team.”

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Keeping with the philosophy of sparking lives and improving outcomes, Kay’s role as a care access member is to provide around-the-clock clinical support and community resources for patients, families, caregivers and the North Memorial health system. “We have a lot of fun – it’s a great team environment,” said Kay. “Because we are Lifesprk nurses, we have the ability to solve every client’s issues by problem-solving together if need be–that’s not something you can get anywhere else. The depths of Lifesprk’s resources and the relationships in the Twin Cities communities we’ve established have given us a wealth of information at our fingertips to promote wellness and improve care for people of all ages, including seniors.”

A fast-paced and exciting environment, the Care Access team is busy triaging phone calls from clients, family members and community providers looking for guidance and support. “Some of the calls we receive are from people simply looking for snow shoveling services or ‘Mom is pretty confused at home, where do I go next?’ to medication or health-related questions,” added Kay. “When speaking with people, we try and identify any triggers that could mean they are on what Lifesprk calls the roller coaster of health crisis after being in and out of the hospital. Our goal is to avoid re-hospitalizations by identifying issues early on before they become bigger issues or helping them off the roller coaster by connecting them to resources that can help – customer service and discovering what’s important to our callers is our priority.”

Lifesprk is seeking to fill several full and part-time roles on the Care Access team at North Memorial Medical Center located in Robbinsdale Minnesota.

“This role is different from other nursing roles at Lifesprk because there is no direct, face-to-face contact with clients,” explained Susan Garner, RN, Lifesprk Vice President of Program Development, Quality and Compliance. “Most work is done over the phone but we do have the ability to identify resources, coordinate services and make a difference for the client and family.”

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