Special announcement regarding Minneapolis riots and what you need to know…


We know tensions are high right now in a time of already heightened emotions due to COVID-19. We, like so many of our team, are deeply saddened by what happened to George Floyd and the subsequent crisis that is facing Minneapolis. All of it is unacceptable.

Our priority right now is to make sure our employees and clients who are within these crisis areas know what to do to stay safe.  Here are a few key messages we want to convey to you:

  • If you are concerned and live within a crisis area or serve a client within those areas and have not been called by your manager, please reach out to them directly for next steps.
  • If you get to your client’s neighborhood or near it and it does not seem safe please drive away, call the office from a safe area, and ask for your manager.
  • If you need transportation for safety issues, call your manager for available options during the current riots.
  • Lifesprk has a contract with Avalon security. Should you feel you need security to accomplish your visit safely please contact your manager for coordinating this service.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and continue safe practices.
  • If you have a client who must be seen in one of the affected areas and you are unable to get there safely, please call your manager for help triaging and identifying options to meet their needs.

Community Teams

  • For caregivers whose shifts are already scheduled, we are prioritizing client needs and revising schedules to adjust the appointment to safer times during the day or rescheduling as needed to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • If you feel unsafe leaving your home, please contact your staffing supervisor to talk through available options.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust as needed. Thank you for everything you are doing – pandemics and social unrest are unusual circumstances, we are behind you and ready to help you stay safe.

Please reach out to your supervisor directly for support, questions, and concerns.