Since our founding in 2004, Lifesprk has worked with the ALS Association in Minnesota to provide private-pay home care services to hundreds of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) clients and families in the Twin Cities through the Jack Norton Respite Program.

Through the years, we have learned not only how valuable the ALS Association is but also how challenging this disease is to the people who face it every day. Their passion and lives have taught our entire team many lessons and contributed to us being a better company.

More than anything else, we’ve learned from our ALS clients and families in the Twin Cities that we need to wake up every day and live our lives to the fullest. We’ve built our entire model and mission around the key principle that home care alone is not enough. We need to go beyond care to find and nurture the spark in every single person we serve, no matter what their situation or circumstances.

And when we do that, we not only spark the lives of our clients and families, but everyone around them. Every time we work with an ALS client and family, it impacts our lives. That strengthens our commitment to doing whatever it takes to keep that spark, that purpose shining.

How is Lifesprk changing the experience for people?
Here are just a few examples . . .

  • Jack Norton Respite Program partner: Through this ALS program, Lifesprk provides expert home care and caregiving services to ALS clients and their families in Minnesota.
  • Services beyond the Jack Norton Program: Lifesprk’s innovative model of care goes beyond in-home care to provide a whole-person focus combined with ongoing proactive guidance to meet people where they are and help them build a pathway to what is most meaningful to them.
  • Support for ALS research and services: Lifesprk has been a long-time supporter of the ALS Association. Through donations and community activities throughout the Twin Cities Lifesprk seeks to lead by example to encourage more people to understand and support the important work being done by the ALS Association.

    Watch the Lifesprk team take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and encourage other individuals and organizations in the Twin Cities to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • Sparking lives: Far different than private-pay home care or even geriatric care management programs, Lifesprk has created a person-centric home care solution that works to reduce total cost of care while producing improved outcomes and sparking lives . . . every day.
  • Housing Solutions: Thinking about a move? Wondering where to start in searching senior housing options? Lifesprk’s FREE Housing Solution services helps you easily find the ‘best fit’ housing options for you. The key is Lifesprk’s unique Lifesprk ExperienceTM approach to discovering what is most important to you. Then they combine that with their inside knowledge of more than 400+ senior housing options in the Twin Cities to help you narrow your choices and see beyond the façade and decorating of each option.