From Across the Globe, Building Culture Together

If you could see through my eyes, feel what my heart feels . . . some experiences just need to be experienced. I am at a loss for words (all right, Joel Theisen, I am ALMOST at a loss for words).

I was recently at our Lifesprk Festival of Nations event in Minneapolis, MN, and I have not stopped thinking about it. It was another opportunity for our team to come together to share, enrich, and support one another. We had people ranging in age from two months to 80+ years old. We had families and friends, people who have come from all over the world with different cultures, heritages, traditions, and perspectives. But all united in their sense of purpose to change the experience for the seniors and families we serve.

I can’t describe the delight and sense of wonder I witnessed and experienced as people shared openly with one another. Some of the best moments of the evening were my colleagues who were privileged to be dressed in African outfits, compliments of Rachel Nsude, a Campus Staffing Specialist for Lifesprk, who brought enough clothing to share. The head tie used for women is called a Gele and the red cap for men is an Okpu Mmemme. The colorful body wraps made from yards of exquisite fabrics are called George or Ankaras. And the two-piece wraps with the head tie are called Iro and Buba.

I don’t know as much as I should about Liberia, Nigeria, East Africa and West Africa, but I am willing to learn and grateful so many of you are willing to teach.

What I do know is that all of us at Lifesprk are truly fortunate to have this community of like-minded souls who are so giving, caring, and joyful! It reinforces my belief that we truly can accomplish anything and I’m blessed and honored to be part of this team.

This experience will live with me for a long time, and I cry tears of joy every time I remember it.

For friends, family, and colleagues who weren’t there, all I can say is I wish you could see what I see and feel what my heart feels. This is the team I want caring for my loved ones.

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