A Holiday Gift Idea for Seniors: Connecting Family With One Button

What are the things that connect you most to loved ones this holiday season? What sparks a particular memory or moment that makes you feel whole?

For me, it’s baking my grandmother’s recipes – her cardamom bread, spritz cookies and a little holiday Glögg. As I start pulling together the ingredients there’s always a few items on that list that I can’t seem to remember – how wonderful if we could bake together like we used to or send her a quick photo of my spritz cookies when they are done. She always laughed at how much bigger mine were than hers (which were near perfection). But that was many years ago and so much has changed.

Think about all the seniors right now who have this same kind of connection with their loved ones and the joy being together brings them. This is the time of year when we want to share all the big moments as well as those precious small ones leading up to the holidays with our loved ones no matter how far away they live. That’s why Lifesprk partnered with grandPad to offer simple, easy-to-use technology that easily connects seniors with their family whenever and however they want. Built especially for seniors, the Lifesprk grandPad features none of the technology hassles and all of the benefits – music, games, email and social sharing within a private set up by a family administrator.

Even better – the video calls provide numerous benefits. When you talk to your Mom over the phone it’s hard to know if she is really doing well or if she is just saying it. The Lifesprk grandPad lets you see her face to show her your messy kitchen covered in flour and enjoy a virtual cup of coffee together while discussing the holiday menu.
With grandPad, your older loved one who perhaps can’t be with you in person can still share in all the joy with a simple tap of their Lifesprk grandPad tablet. Technology is such a wonderful thing, especially when it’s built with seniors in mind. Today, the Normal Rockwell picture of the holidays may just include a shot of families and seniors at a distance via the Lifesprk grandPad.

This year, as you look at your holiday gift list and wonder what should I get my aging parents or grandparents consider a Lifesprk grandPad. It’s one gift that will connect you and them to all the things that make the holiday wonderful and all year long. Even if you can’t physically be with them, connecting and seeing their faces will add a spark to your day and theirs.

Now through January 1, 2016, grandPad is offering a holiday special. Use the code: holiday-ls and receive one month free after you subscribe for two months. For more information, call grandPad at 800-704-9412.
Join the conversation – How would you use the grandPad to connect with loved ones? How would it spark your holiday if you could? Share On! Spark On!