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Our Lifesprk Experience™ generates more choice and more control in the second half of life. Yes, we are experts in private-pay, home-care services. But serving the Twin Cities as a leading home care provider is just the beginning. We light up lives by re-connecting you to yourself and the people, activities and things you love most. Join us now and shine on!

  • Welcome to what's possible!

    Our Lifesprk Experience™!

    It’s our proven process to help people shine in the second half of life!

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  • Welcome to what's possible!

    We meet you where you’re at!

    Spark your life in one of three ways: Life Care Management, Lifesprk Guidance, or Lifesprk Connect.

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  • Welcome to what's possible!

    Discover new opportunities!

    Explore our 7 Elements of living well to embrace and evaluate
    all areas of your life.

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  • Welcome to what's possible!

    Free Life Consultations kick off new possibilities!

    Learn how we help take care of health, wellness, home and safety … then get to the good stuff: purpose, passion and joy!

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  • Welcome to what's possible!

    New Lifesprk Connect!

    24/7 access to your people and member-only content, resources and education Greater connectivity equals greater peace of mind!

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  • Welcome to what's possible!

    New Life Connect!

    Our new social channels are buzzing with real talk
    about real possibilities in the second half of life.

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